About Us


If you are in a full-time job then you must be finding it very difficult to balance between your work life and health. And even if you decide to start your workout regime, it becomes very hard to maintain it on a daily basis because of some unexpected work at an office that demands you to stay back and work. In such cases, it is not possible to go to a gym or go for jogging every day. So, the best solution could be to have a mini set up of a gym at your own house.

We are an online store that deals with gym equipment and sports items. We have a wide range of collection for setting up a gym at home which includes cardiovascular exercise equipment, strength training equipment, and other indoor workout equipment. Also, we have varieties of sports items which include both outdoor and indoor games.

We understand that such items if not used properly or if it has any defect, it could injure the user. Hence, we have a big team for quality assurance. This team checks each and every item very minutely before its final packaging. Also, we provide a warranty card for two years so that if you find any defect or if after using for some time its quality deteriorates but within two years of purchase, then we can provide servicing for your equipment or exchange it.

Usually, such items are very expensive but our products are way more reasonable than any of our competitors. And we offer lucrative discounts to our customers almost every month. You can access our online store through our website or you can also download our mobile application to view our collection and place an order. We do not have any shipping charges and it will be delivered at your doorstep.